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Check Out the Before & After of New Bar Lei Low



Slide the center bar for before and after [Photos: EHOU/Gary Wise/flickr]

Bar and restaurant transformations are always fun to see, especially on opening day. Here, check out the "before" and "after" of new bar Lei Low, which is opening to the public today (Feb. 28). (Slide the center bar on the image to see the changes.) Owners Elizabeth and Russell Thoede partnered with Brad Moore and Ryan Rouse (Grand Prize, Big Star Bar, Goro & Gun) for this new theme bar, which made significant progress in just a few months, right after obtaining some construction permits. The new space is a fun, laid-back '60s-era Tiki-style spot with plenty of dark bamboo, Polynesian art and the traditional A-frame roof at the center of the bar. For a complete look at the space, check out this Eater Inside post.
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Lei Low

6412 N Main St Houston, TX 77009