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Take a Complete Look Inside the New Marfreless

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Marfreless [Eric Sauseda/Groovehouse]

Marfreless recently revealed its new look, along with several upscale changes. Valet, dress code, higher drinks prices, unisex bathrooms and soon-to-be-implemented bottle service on the second floor are all new or upcoming features of the bar. The layout is mostly the same, with some, ahem, new couches and some over-the-top furniture. The famous, unmarked blue door remains, as well as the mural over the bar. Whether the place will maintain its image as Houston's make-out bar is still yet to be seen, especially since the new owners are intending to "just improve" on the place without erasing its original appeal. Here now, take a complete look inside the newly renovated space, which took months longer than anticipated to complete.

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2006 Peden St, Houston, Texas 77019-5314