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Goro & Gun Owner to Relaunch Popular Food Truck

[Photos: Mark Parmley/Courtesy images]

In a reverse-trend move, Joshua Martinez, owner of brick-and-mortar establishment Goro & Gun, is returning to the food truck world. Images of the eye-catching mobile eatery were recently unveiled via Facebook and Twitter. The mural work, Martinez tells Eater, was done by popular local artist Daniel Anguilu. "He's one of my favorite mural artists from Houston," Martinez said. Chef Mark Parmley, most recently at El Big Bad, will be aboard the truck until his work in Alaska resumes this summer.

Those already familiar with The Modular, the food trailer Martinez ran outside of Grand Prize years ago—before his time became occupied by Goro & Gun—will know what to expect in terms of food. Except that the food truck menu will also be infused with Goro's influence. "A lot of what made The Modular successful will be done on the truck with the addition of Goro stuff," Martinez explained, adding that the truck will let him expand his culinary scope. "There will be new items being done on the truck, as it does not have to be tied to an Asian theme." As far as where to find the new food truck, Martinez is planning on moving around but already has his first site lined up. Martinez told Eater that they "are working on spots right now but will be at Mangum Food Park this Thursday (Feb. 6), Friday and Saturday to start."
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