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Trenza Needs Improvement; Bites at Alamo Drafthouse

Trenza [Eric Sauseda/Groovehouse]

The Houston Chronicle's Alison Cook didn't award a star to recently opened Trenza in West Ave. Cook warns that this is owner Susie Jimenez's "first restaurant, and she's still finding her way." About the menu, Cook writes that there's a disjointed feel to it "which involves too many separate pieces of paper at this point. It can be daunting trying to construct a meal. Too often, dishes are haphazardly executed or simply out of balance - such as that mushroom strudel fighting its hot-as-blazes sauce." She ends by writing that she's rooting for the young chef: "Not all of her multi-culti splicing works, but she trades in some memorable flavors and combinations that suit our collective palate."

The Alamo Drafthouse might seem like an unlikely place to head for dinner, but the Houston Press' Kaitlin Steinberg suggests that moviegoers place some food orders here. Although she admits that food in a dark theater has its drawbacks: "I honestly couldn't tell you if my pizza at Alamo Drafthouse was visually attractive. At times, when the screen went white for a moment, I could make out the vaguely pink outline of sliced prosciutto, the dark-green wilted crescents of spinach tucked beneath a thin layer of sour pecorino and stretchy mozzarella." Still, Steinberg maintains that everything she had there was "surprisingly good."

More reviews: Urban Swank heads to Rincón Criollo for Cuban cuisine: "I opted for the one pound grilled Churrasco Steak served with chimichurri. A bit intimidating in size, this tender piece of beef was flavorful and I couldn't get enough of the chimichurri (I was a dipping fool)." Hank on Food samples Sweets By Belen, which he calls "a purveyor of uniquely delicious Afro-Peruvian style sweets that are accessible and familiar yet exotic and new at the same time." H-Town Chow Down visits Beck's Prime where Albert Nurick samples some new sandwiches, including the newly added banh mi.