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Chris Shepherd Wins the Waffle House Smackdown

It looks like Underbelly chef/co-owner Chris Shepherd's Waffle House training paid off. Shepherd had been heading to the Pasadena-area breakfast spot since February to prepare for Charleston Food & Wine Festival's Waffle House Smackdown, which saw the Houston chef win first place this past weekend. To win the Master Blaster Award, Shepherd had to impress Waffle House fan and Bon Appétit editor Andrew Knowlton by topping Michael Hudman of Memphis' Hog & Hominy's , Kevin Gillespie of Atlanta's Gunshow's and Mike Lata of Charleston's FIG as the best and most creative short order cook.

Next up for Shepherd will be an appearance on Esquire TV's Knife Fight where he will compete against Los Angeles-based Tripel/Hudson House chef Brooke Williamson in an episode scheduled to air this April 22.
· Chris Shepherd On Underbelly's Second Year [-EHOU-]