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Inventive Fare at Fusion Taco; 3 Stars for Good Dog

Fusion Taco
Fusion Taco
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The Houston Press' Kaitlin Steinberg heads to Fusion Taco: She writes a rave review about the multicultural flavors in each of the tacos, and even commends the queso, which is made with processed cheese. "Good luck choosing just one taco for lunch or dinner. Hell, good luck choosing two or three, because the menu lists ten variations on a taco, each description more mouthwatering than the next. With prices between $3 and $4.50 per taco, you can afford to do a proper tasting, which is what I did over the course of several days." Perhaps her only complaint is that the tortillas are "necessary mainly as a conduit" since she writes that they're "lacking salt and a more pronounced corn flavor, which could have enhanced the Chinese BBQ Berkshire pork taco, for ­example." [Houston Press]

The Chronicle's Alison Cook visits Good Dog: Cook gives the brick-and-mortar hot dog establishment—which began as a food truck—an admirable three stars. Cook finds that it delivers in pretty much every aspect: "It's rare that I can hardly think of a complaint at a restaurant." She praises the fish and chips, and the dogs made with "85 percent beef and 15 percent pork" nestled in a Slow Dough pretzel roll. The sides are equally impressive, including the "house-cooked potato chips with their snap and crackle" and the "subtle red-potato salad with its gentle sour-cream tang and note of shallot." Also of note are the milkshakes made with Fat Cat Creamery ice cream and "locally bottled Caphin Vietnamese iced coffee and house-made dulce de leche; or the deep-toned Rocky Road version with a hunk of house-made candy on top." Cook concludes that owners Amalia Pferd and Daniel Caballero have "made their young restaurant one of the best in the city."

More reviews: Urban Swank heads to Fat Cat Creamery in the Heights where Joanna O'Leary finds that the sundaes and ice cream sodas are "not 'exactly' the retro sweets I (and maybe others) were envisioning, but they're nonetheless terrific." She ends by saying that "Fat Cat Creamery is not 'my' ideal ice cream parlor (a sit-down joint with table service, waitresses in bubble-gum pink uniforms, soda jerks with bow ties, and ginormous sundaes dripping in fudge). However, it's nonetheless enjoyable and a happy distraction while I wait for my dream ice cream palace." Hank on Food heads to Snap Kitchen where he details the new spring menu offerings, including a number of healthy, low-calorie options.