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More St. Patrick's Day; How the Chefs Like Their Eggs

Local Pour in River Oaks
Local Pour in River Oaks
Photo: EHOU

RIVER OAKS— St. Pat's day at Local Pour means live music by Vertigo, some Irish-inspired drinks, corned beef served with cabbage and some Guinness stew. The celebration goes until 2 a.m. at Local Pour. More info here. [Eaterwire]

CRAWFISH WIRE— Zagat Houston's Amber Ambrose teaches novices how to properly enjoy mudbugs. Step one? Find your preferred spot, and keep in mind that a "BYO policy makes it even more fun." [Zagat Houston]

MONTROSEHoustonia's Gastronaut asked some local chefs how they like their eggs cooked. Etoile's Jose Hernandez said: "Sunny-side up, with good refried beans and arbol salsa, please." Check out more responses here here. [Gastronaut]