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Watch a School Bus be Installed Inside a Restaurant Space

When Bernie's Burger Bus owner Justin Turner says that he's committed to an idea, he really means it. Back in September, Turner told Eater that he would be putting down roots with some brick-and-mortar locations, and that he was bringing some serious design surprises. "Let's just say, you're still going to be getting food out of a bus," he hinted back then. It looks like he's making good on that promise, since the popular food truck—which was a part of the first wave of mobile eateries in town—is not abandoning its roots. Once open, the shop will still be serving burgers out of a bus, only this time it will be from a bus that's inside of its permanent home. Below, see the videos of the yellow school bus as it's installed in the space that will house Bernie's Burger Bus' first restaurant location. Architectural firm Collaborative Projects is at the helm of this impressive build-out. Locals might recognize that company as the same one that constructed the interiors of Underbelly, Haven and Pastry War, and Dish Society. Up next from that firm will be the completion of this project and of May's highly anticipated Julep, the upcoming bar from Anvil's Alba Huerta. In the meantime, see two videos of the impressive bus installation process below:

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