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Pi Pizza Truck, Thursday at 6:30 p.m.

Welcome to Eater Scenes, where an Eater photographer visits a restaurant to capture it at a certain, very specific time. Today, photographer Eric Sauseda shares these photos from Pi Pizza as the popular truck gears up to serve customers at Fat Cat Creamery.

If anyone delivers the message that food truck fare can be better than that found at some restaurants boasting expansive kitchens and fancy appliances, it's Pi Pizza Truck. The mobile eatery has been around just two and a half years, long enough to have been a part of the first wave of food trucks in Houston, and certainly long enough to have become immensely popular. Apart from some marketing stunts, Pi is well received for classic pepperoni pies to inventive, non-traditional slices that emanate from a colorful, tattoo-covered truck. And despite the fact that they don't "grow produce, make [their] own cheese, or cure [their] own charcuterie"—as their website will have you know—they have still managed to gain enough of a following to launch a sandwich shop inside of Grand Prize Bar and to plan for an upcoming establishment. But that doesn't stop owner Anthony Calleo from operating the mobile pizzeria that makes locals follow them wherever they might go each night. On this night, Calleo and his staff head to Fat Cat Creamery, where photographer Eric Sauseda captures images of Calleo gearing up for a long night of pie baking.

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Fat Cat Creamery

1901 N Shepherd Drive, Houston, TX 77008