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How the Pizza is Made: Pizzeria Solario

The Neapolitan-style pizza at Pizzeria Solario became a quick hit ever since the place opened about a year ago. Here, a pizza-making pro at the eatery gives us a demonstration of how it's made by baking a quattro formagi. First, the pizza maker takes a ball of dough that's been fermenting for about a day. It's tossed in the air until it's a perfectly round 12-inch saucer. Then it's topped with the red sauce—the pies here come with a tomato or a white crema-based sauce—which is immediately covered by small handfuls of Parmigiano-Reggiano, fior di latte, aged provolone and asiago cheese. Now that it's prepared, he sets the pie inside the 900-degree, wood-fired oven for 30 seconds before he begins turning it with the 14-inch wooden peel. Within just a few minutes, the pie is completely cooked. That's when he lifts the pie up over the fire so that its gets one last concentrated hit of heat before he pulls the pie out of the brick oven. What's left is the perfect crust with just a hint of soot on the underside and crispness at the edges. Here now, see the steps it took to making this four-cheese pizza:

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Pizzeria Solario

3333 Weslayan St #100, Houston, TX 77027