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Here Are Your Pizza Delivery Horror Stories

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Continuing along this year's Eater Pizza Week—which, sadly, concludes today—here's a narrowed down list of some readers' pizza delivery horror stories.

"So, many years ago as a third job I delivered Domino's Pizza in Dallas. A man opened the door for my delivery; he stood behind the door (not completely). He was nude. I did not stay for my tip!" -K.C. Taffinder

"Once when I delivered, this beautiful woman opened the door and in her apartment she had a Chinese sex swing and a wall-mounted station with flogging instruments. Gotta love South Rice and Braeswood apartments." -Thomas Mendoza

"We rarely order pizza out, but a few years ago my now husband (then boyfriend) and I were intrigued by Domino's Bread Bowl Pasta. We placed our order and waited. And waited. And waited. We kept checking the "tracker" online for our order status and it never went past "Prep." About an hour and a half later we finally called to see what was taking so long. Turns out the guy who took our order quit as soon as he hung up with us, which meant our order never even got made. The manager apologized profusely and sent replacement food, which still took about 40 minutes. By the time the food arrived we were so hungry we tipped the delivery guy $40 (the cost of the comped food, if I remember correctly). Needless to say, it wasn't even that good!" -Ellie Sharp

"[I] delivered to an apartment. Totally empty except for hundreds of empty cigarette cartons. The lady did not tip well. [There was a] guy who demanded exact change. [I] had to walk back to my car and dig in the ash tray for dimes and pennies. [He] did not tip." -Kevin Clark

"I delivered to an apartment that smelled really bad and had to wait five minutes for her to find her wallet. I didn't want to pay for the pizza on my own, so I waited but tried not to gag." -David Nguyen

"We ordered it once and they delivered it to our neighbors by mistake. They kept it, and we had to wait another 45 minutes for the next one." -Natalie

"Once, we ordered from a small place around the block because we thought it would be quick. Turns out, they took over an hour to get a small pizza to us, and as soon as we opened the box, we saw a hair. Gross!" -Lisa M.
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