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Midtown's Gyu-Kaku is Expected to Open March 31

Photo: EHOU

Houston's first dedicated Japanese barbecue establishment Gyu-Kaku is projected to open on Monday, March 31, according to the restaurant's general manager. The storefront at that West Gray strip center has been completely renovated, and the grill-inclusive tables inside the 3,800-square-foot space will seat about 100 diners once open. While a few local shops already offer yakiniku, this will be the first restaurant in town to focus completely on Japanese 'cue. Expect a seafood and meat-centric menu where diners will cook the cuts on the personal, built-in charcoal grills. A few other Japanese staples will be added, like sampler plates for big parties and a few ramen options, too.

The company behind this project, REINS International Inc., focuses on Japanese cuisine and categorizes its establishments according to different Japanese dining styles. Their other brands of restaurants include izakaya and shabu-shabu (boiled meat rather than grilled, hot-pot style) places. The mega-chain has 700-plus locations (600 of which are in Japan); it's the Japanese barbecue concept that will be their entrance into the Houston market.
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510 W Gray Ste A Houston, TX 77019