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Ruggles Green Owner to Open Skinny Rita's Grille (Updated)

Skinny Rita's Grille [Photo: Facebook]

It might be hard to summon cravings for healthy food when dining at a restaurant with plenty of Mexican dishes, but that's exactly why one of the original Ruggles Green co-founders/investors Randy Bower, is coming together with a team that includes investor/restaurateur Archie Patterson, chefs Marcela Perez and Dale Fessler to introduce locals to upcoming restaurant Skinny Rita's Grille. Perez and Fessler will handle the day-to-day operations at Skinny Rita's, and Patterson's extensive restaurant experience should help facilitate a smooth launch. Bower says that "this has been a team effort from day one. [Patterson] was persistent for several months, and I said yes because chef [Perez] was available. It was [Patterson's] original idea to develop a Mexican-Cabo-type restaurant, once the three of us met we decided to become partners and create the Latin concept Skinny Rita's Grille." Bower, who credits friend Bernadette with the name of the restaurant, says that he and Perez "created the basic concept and [Patterson] handles properties, the buildings, and concept designs." Together, they hope to provide a restaurant where Latin fusion lovers can indulge in hearty but healthfully prepared dishes—sliders with a jamon, fajita parilladas, house-made corn tortillas, coconut oil-cooked meats and Peruvian ceviche. If it's anything like Ruggles, it should be dedicated to farm-to-table eats for health-conscious diners. "I believe that food should be served healthy and as organic, chemical and hormone-free as possible," Bower tells Eater.

While Eater hasn't seen the complete menu yet, we've peeked at the space that will house Skinny Rita's. The Heights-area building Bower the team has secured is currently undergoing renovations to suit the Skinny Rita's brand of Latin American dining, complete with a large deck for prime organic margarita sipping. They are hoping to be open within the next few months; a statement on the restaurant's Facebook page reads: "Expect our soft opening mid-to-late April, and if we are blessed by the city with permits and occupancy for our roof-top deck, our grand opening will be Cinco de Mayo." The soft opening, however, should definitely be sometime around middle of April around May, city permits allowing.
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Temporary signage is up [Photo: Skinny Rita's/Facebook]

Skinny Rita's Grille

4002 North Main, Houston, Texas 77009