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Sotol Dinner at Cuchara; 'Cool' Chef in Houston

Gary R Wise

MONTROSECuchara's first dinner centered around Chihuahua will be focused on sotol. The Cocina de Dos Mundos dinner is "one of the 18 gastronomical routes in Mexico" and will be "completely devoted to" that state. The four-course dinner will be held on Wednesday, April 2 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $55 per person with sotol pairings or $40 for food only. Call 713-942-0000 to reserve a seat.

GALLERIA— Here's a reminder that Saint Arnold Brewing Co. is heading to Caracol for a beer dinner this Sunday (March 30). The five-course dinner will include a Brown Ale paired with tlacoyo, taquitos, and grilled oysters; the Bishop Barrel Sour will be paired with a seafood rice dish (Arroz Tumbado); Santo will be paired with tamarind spice cake served alongside Santo-infused ice cream. The dinner is $65 per person. Call 713-622-9996 to reserve seats. [Eaterwire]

CHEF WIRE— The Daily Meal might not be the finest source for national food lists, but they got one thing right: Robert Del Grande is a pretty cool chef. The local restaurateur is featured in a list of the coolest folks in the food and drink scene. CultureMap has more on the funny listicle, and observes that, thankfully, the list isn't ranked: "Trying to rank coolness is definitely not cool." [CultureMap]