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Snowflake Cafe and Bakery is Open in West Houston

Snowflake Cafe and Bakery
Snowflake Cafe and Bakery
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Snowflake Cafe and Bakery might not be the buzzy, inside-the-Loop coffee place that local caffeine fanatics are raving about, but the small family-owned shop is worth a visit. The west Houston spot opened quietly just earlier this month, and it's already serving up shaved ice desserts, tiramisu (served in tiny heart-shaped containers), crêpes, bite-sized sandwiches, tapioca tea and the latest coffee trend: siphon-brewed coffee (which is on the verge of finding a home in Montrose). While the sandwiches aren't Local Foods-grade and the crêpes aren't Salé Sucré quality, the coffee and other desserts are fine options for those seeking light bites and a temporary office near the Westchase area. Plus, the frozen treats rival the condensed milk-topped delicacies at Juice Box, with their thick ribbons of finely shaved ice, and the selection of baked goods and tapioca teas make it a one-stop sort of place for whatever sweets you may be craving. Wireless internet and afternoon tea make it a solid weekday destination. And observing the odd brewing technique is a nice distraction from your laptop.
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Snowflake Cafe and Bakery

11191 Westheimer Road, Houston, Texas