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SWEET Owners Gear Up to Open Tout Suite Downtown

In-progress interior
In-progress interior
Photos: Anne Le

A new eatery is set to launch an upcoming East End hub of artistic talent. CityCentre's SWEET owners Thuy-my Luong and Sandy Tran had been seeking an inside-the-Loop home for their next project since they'd noticed a trend of downtowners placing frequent delivery orders in that area. After searching all over central Houston, they snatched up the warehouse space that once housed Hyperia and Villains, to open their new cafe Tout Suite. Back in January we shared that his location, which is known by many music fans for its history as a live music venue, would be housing the new cafe, but we didn't know that it would be the start of an exciting development for the whole warehouse. Tout Suite's space will be connected to a co-op of businesses—graphic designers and other artists, according to Tout Suite/SWEET rep Annie Le—in a building that's 35,000 square feet total, although Tout Suite will only occupy a 7,000-square-foot parcel of that land. Still, it will grant the pair much more space than their current CityCentre location, which means that they will be widening their scope of offerings. As opposed to SWEET, Tout Suite will be a full-service, sit-down cafe with lunch and dinner options. Hence the name: A play on "sweet" (and SWEET), it also alludes to the French word "tous" meaning "all" because the owners want to offer an all-encompassing menu of options here. Le tells Eater that the menu will consist of four to five soups, about six salads and eight sandwiches from which to choose.

toutsuiteexterior.pngSome local vendors will be supplying the shop: Ecky Prabanto and David Buehrer's Greenway Coffee will provide a selection of brewed coffee and Slow Dough Bread Co. will provide the fresh bread for sandwiches and other savory offerings. A flexible build-an-entrée option will allow patrons to choose their protein and two sides for lunch or dinner. A delivery option will also be available to those working in the surrounding buildings, since SWEET has already found a steady clientele with that neighborhood's work crowd. The soups and some fresh juices will be made in-house, as well as, of course, the pastries and sweet breads.

Le tells Eater that they expect to open by the end of this month or beginning of April.

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Tout Suite

2001 Commerce Houston, TX 77002