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Ramen Film in Houston; Ziggy's Travel Contest

Kenny & Ziggy's
Kenny & Ziggy's
Photo: Eric Sauseda

GALLERIA— Anyone who's traveling this summer will want to head to Kenny & Ziggy's before take-off . The Galleria-area deli is hosting a contest where those who pose for a picture of themselves holding a Ziggy's to-go bag anywhere in the world can be entered to win a $50 gift card to the restaurant. Email images to with the subject line "Kenny & Ziggy's Bags the World" between May 1 and August 31. [Eaterwire]

RAMEN WIRE— Carl Rosa, founder and president of the Sushi Club of Houston, is working on a film about ramen. Spilled: A Documentary About Real Ramen is being filmed here in town. The Press has more details here.

LISTICLESZagat Houston offers a list of the city's eight best sandwiches, one of which is the Mortadella Sandwich at 13 Celsius: "Served on an actual pretzel (because pretzel buns are just pretending), this sandwich oozes with melted provolone mixed with fried egg yolk. If you look at it at just the right angle, it's shaped like a heart, which makes sense because we seriously heart eating it. " [Zagat Houston]