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What Are Houston's Iconic Pizzerias?

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Pizaro's is a good start
Pizaro's is a good start
Gary Wise/Flickr

Pizza Week is this close to being here, March 17 through 21 to be specific. In honor of that week-long plunge into cheesy, saucy goodness, Eater is asking readers to submit some pizza-related suggestions. (Tomorrow look out for another open thread question.) Today we want to know: What are Houston's most iconic pizzerias?

Whether they bake Chicago- or New York-style pies, or if they're decidedly Texan, they just have to be Houston staples. Obviously, suggestions will likely include shops that have been in business longer than just a few years and that have amassed a dedicated local following in that time. Comment here with your picks, or shoot us a message here to share your suggestions. Then, check back during Pizza Week 2014 to see what places made the map.
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