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Is Shake Shack Coming to Houston?

Will local burger lovers be holding a ShackBurger in Houston anytime soon? It's possible that cult phenom burger chain Shake Shack is eyeing Houston, but there are no definite plans as of now. A rep for the chain told Eater in a statement:

Rumors often circulate about potential new locations for Shake Shack. As far as Texas goes, our main focus right now is on Austin, where we're headed this fall. We have other cities in Texas on our radar as well, but we don't have any concrete details to share at the moment.

If the place that made even the estimable Ferran Adrià—and his fellow internationally famous chef friends—wait in line ever does come to Houston, it will have to contend with the likes of Stanton's, Hubcap and Bernie's Burger Bus. And that won't be an easy task. In the meantime, curious burger lovers can check out the Austin outpost when it opens there this fall.
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Shake Shack [Photo: Official Site]