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Westheimer's Kublai Khan is On the Market Now

The Westheimer outpost of Kublai Khan is up for grabs on popular real estate site LoopNet. The lease on the 4,033-square-foot space expires in 2021, and the restaurant is for sale with furniture, fixtures and equipment only. The chain's Midtown location was on the market last fall, after owner Tian Zheng told Eater that the rental rate was too high for him to continue paying. Zheng said that they had "enough money to pay our rent, but the rent is too high and we have [already] spent so much on this property." He was forced to sublet the place with four years left on the lease. The Kublai Khan chain still has a location at 13708 Northwest Freeway that doesn't show signs of slowing down, but if you're in the Westheimer area and want a customizable bowl of noodles, now's the time to stop in. Or, for those with an entrepreneurial inclination and $150,000 lying around, buy up the entire shop (sans land) now.
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Kublai Khan

10001 Westheimer rd, Houston, TX, 77042