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Montrose's Siphon Coffee is Expected to Open Soon

The furniture is in place and the equipment has been installed at Michael Caplan and his business partner Edward Treistman's upcoming Siphon Coffee, which is situated at the W. Alabama strip center across from Blue Bird Circle Shop (see the map at right). Although it was originally expected to open back in February, Siphon will instead be debuting to the public in the next few weeks.

Expect some local craft beer on tap, a wine selection and a menu of small bites crafted by former Brasserie 19 executive chef Amanda McGraw. As for the coffee, it'll be brewed in a specialty machine that's pretty fun to watch. "We will brew coffee on a halogen-warmed siphon machine that extracts the oils and aromas like no other process," Caplan told Eater. "I have been interested in siphons when I first saw them in some of the best coffee bars in San Francisco and Seattle. I wanted to have a place in Houston and not only offer this unique brewing method, but have great craft beer and wine, and homemade baked goods, and great food for lunch and dinner." Siphon Coffee should be open late this month or in early May.
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Siphon Coffee

701 W. Alabama Houston, Texas