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High Praise for Andes Cafe; Newly Opened Kuu Reviewed

Kaitlin Steinberg visited Andes Cafe: She remarks on owner David Guerro's "passion for cooking, which has endured through a brain tumor, a massive stroke and the subsequent loss of his sense of taste several years ago." She notes that when "many Houstonians think of Latin American food, they probably think of Churrascos or Latin Bites, two very different but representative examples. Andes Cafe provides a third type of South American cuisine, neither hearty and bold like Churrascos, nor upscale and delicate like Latin Bites." As for the food, while a turkey lunch sandwich made her spit out "bits of gristle," and some cuts of meat landed on the chewy side, overall the dishes deserve high praise, including the ceviches, which "notably demonstrate Guerrero's ability to coax maximum flavor from individual ingredients."

The Houston Press' Molly Dunn goes to newly opened mobile coffee shop Cadillac Coffee: She laments that the prices are steep, but she says that the drinks and kolaches are worth a try. "As far as taste and flavor go, Cadillac Coffee is a welcome addition to the city's food truck fleet. But, just like all new establishments, there needs to be some fine tuning."

The ladies of Urban Swank headed to Kuu: They sampled dishes from the hot menu as well as some of the sushi offerings. They concluded that "Kuu Restaurant is on the pricey side, but we felt that the food and the experience were well worth it." H-Town Chow Down headed to Nguyen Ngo 2, which they call a "small, jewel-like restaurant" that is "a perfect example of what makes Houston's food scene so remarkable."

Andes Cafe [Photo: Facebook]

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