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Take a Look Inside Preview Modern Seafood Cuisine

[Photos: Eric Sauseda/Groovehouse]

Jason Liao's Preview Modern Seafood Cuisine is now open to the public. On the menu are gazpacho, hamachi crudo, ceviche, flash-seared escolar, New Zeland Ora King Salmon, chicken-fried tuna, hamachi ravioli and sweet potato gnocchi served with scallops, candied bacon and white truffle oil. The Sugar Land destination is still pending TABC approval, so until then there will be discounts for diners and BYOB dinner services until this weekend. "We just want to run service and calibrate basically," Liao told Eater. " Everyone on the staff comes from a different cooking background so we're just going to be smoothening coordination out." Call 832-939-8968 or head to OpenTable to reserve a seat and head in for discounts this week. Here now, take a look inside the new seafood restaurant.

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Preview Modern Seafood Cuisine

4645 Highway 6 Unit C, Sugar Land, Texas