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No Stars for BB's; Warm Atmosphere at Brooks Family BBQ

BB's in Greenway Plaza [Photos: Gary R Wise]

The Chron's Alison Cook headed to BB's: She's disappointed by the quickly expanding Texan-Cajun restaurant and awards it no stars. Cook laments that she "struggled to draw a fork through cardboard-tough corn tortillas on the jauntily named shrimpalada" and "despaired of the shrimp inside, too." However, praise is lavished on the "Midnight Masterpiece roast-beef po-boy" that "remains a magnificent beast, full of juice and texture and general beefiness, with crisp iceberg and a hot sharp mayonnaise BB's sauce to set it off." Overall she says she cares because "BB's filled a highly useful late-night niche in a city where such options are limited, and because Bassler's food spoke with such a distinctive Houston voice. Surely I'm not the only one who longs for that voice to find itself again."

Kaitlin Steinberg headed to Brooks Family BBQ: She says that it's the "attention to detail in a cuisine that's been done and done again in Houston that makes Brooks Family BBQ stand out." "This city is brimming with excellent smoked meat, but this modest little restaurant sets itself apart with special efforts and personal touches. It's the addition of cranberries to the coleslaw, the tricolored peppers in the beans, the extra bit of smokiness that infuses every inch of meat. And it's the warm welcome I get every time I walk in the door that keeps me coming back."

More reviews: Urban Swank's Joanna O'Leary goes to Coppa Osteria; she warns prospective guests that the place is often packed and raves about the small dishes, sandwiches and pasta: "COPPA has made a name for itself for making intricate, elaborate pastas (including some gluten-free varieties) on location." The Gastronaut heads to newly opened Beer Market Co. and finds that it's for serious craft beer drinkers.