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Washington Avenue's Ninja Ramen Is Now Open

Ninja Ramen
Ninja Ramen
Photos: EHOU

Tonight Christopher Huang will unveil his new ramen spot Ninja Ramen during a "very" soft opening dinner (the exact hour is still undetermined). Located where The Dubliner and Lava Rock once stood, the 1,400-square-foot interior is decked out with ninja-inspired artwork, reclaimed wood and benches that run the length of the space. The full bar boasts Japanese beer and liquor—think Hitachino and Yamazaki. The tightly edited food menu is already set (sneak a peek of it below), and the finished cocktail menu has been printed. Get ready for scratch-made broth, Sun Noodles—"same ones they use at the best ramen shops in the country"—and spicy, garlic and miso flavors. Back in December, Huang told Eater that once the restaurant was fully open and established, he was going to encourage the ninja theme by offering discounts to diners donning ninja costumes and to offer hidden discounts with scavenger hunts. Huang is determined to make food that can compete with the national scene, instead of being viewed as a ramen shop that's merely good enough: "'It's good for Houston' ramen, no, I want it to be, It's good ramen for anywhere. Period."

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Ninja Ramen

4219 Washington Houston, Texas 77007