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Skinny Rita's Grille Is Now Expected to Open in July

Skinny Rita's Grille [Photos: Ellie Sharp/EHOU]

Here's the skinny on upcoming Skinny Rita's Grille, the latest venture from Randy Bower (of Ruggles Green), co-founder Archie Patterson, and chefs Marcela Perez and Dale Fessler. For now the fatty details are sparse, but co-owner Bower gave Eater a brief overview as their early-July soft opening date draws near. Bower and Perez are currently collaborating on a fresh menu to highlight the healthier side of south-of-the-border cuisine, sans the greasy calorie bombs Houstonians have come to expect when dining at a Mexican restaurant. The menu will also reach beyond Mexican borders to encompass South American flavors and inspirations. Bower explains, "[It's] not really Tex-Mex but real Mexican and Latin [food]. We are striving for farm-to-table as much as possible using as many natural organic ingredients [as possible]."

Perez has some tricks up her sleeve for creative perspectives but is not yet ready to divulge specifics; Bower stressed that the menu will include "a variety of everything" but that "you won't feel heavy and bogged down when you leave."

For example, the queso will be house made and will offer a fresher and lighter take on this classic happy hour staple. There will be close to 50 tequilas behind the bar with about 25 organic options. They'll be paired with fresh juices in lieu of mixers, so it's safe to expect these drinks won't leave you with a sugar-high, either. Back in March he told Eater: '"I believe that food should be served healthy and as organic, chemical and hormone-free as possible."

Bower is already planning to expand this concept to a location in Kemah.

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Skinny Rita's Grille

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