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Bernie's Burger Bus Restaurant Now Open Softly

Owner Justin Turner inside the new space
Owner Justin Turner inside the new space
Photo: Instagram

It looks like Bernie's Burger Bus owner Justin Turner made good on his promise that patrons would "still going to be getting food out of a bus" once his permanent space was up and running. Back in September, Turner shared his plans to open a brick-and-mortar establishment, since his wildly successful food truck—which was a part of the first wave of mobile eateries in town— could barely handle demand. So, architectural firm Collaborative Projects took on the task of installing a school bus inside the dining room. Locals might recognize that company as the same one that constructed the interiors of Underbelly, Haven, Pastry War, and Dish Society. (Up next from Collaborative will be the unveiling of highly anticipated Julep, the upcoming bar from Anvil's Alba Huerta.)

While Bernie's Burger Bus' brick-and-mortar spot is not yet open, Turner is already seeing a flood of locals trying to get a glimpse of the new space. CultureMap offers a look inside the this-close-to-opening establishment at 5407 Bellaire Boulevard (map at top right), where Turner gave away food to walk-ins who are too eager to wait for opening day. Among the Bernie's menu items that will make their debut at the space are poutine, boozy milkshakes (made with Fluff Bake Bar's Rebecca Masson's treats), local beer and some beef patty alternatives. Eric Sandler writes that Turner is already scoping out a Katy spot for his second location and that the password for entry now is "roll call." Check back next week for a complete Eater Inside look at the new space. In the meantime, see two videos of the impressive bus installation process below:

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Bernie's Burger Bus Stop

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Bernie's Burger Bus

5407 Bellaire Blvd Houston Texas