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Downtown's The Honeymoon Now Open Softly

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On the heels of just-opened Siphon Coffee in Montrose and Bosta, just down the road in the Museum District, is downtown's new establishment The Honeymoon. The coffee shop, bake bar and cocktail spot comes courtesy of Brad Moore and Ryan Rouse (Goro & Gun, Bad News Bar) as well as Boomtown Coffee's Matthew Toomey and Charlotte Mitchell. Together, these owners have called on specialty pros to make this caffeine/drinks place—think Double Trouble but with a New Orleans twist—a one-stop shop for the best baked goods, cocktails and espresso.

The cocktail menu was crafted by Bad News Bar's Justin Burrow and the baked goods menu was written by former Brasserie 19 chef Amanda McGraw—who also curated the menu of sandwiches and near-addictive empanadas as Siphon. The Honeymoon's full array of offerings will be available in the building that once housed Cielo (see map at right) soon. For now, stop in to sample the drinks during their soft opening week. Moore tells Eater: "Though our windows are still covered, we are serving coffee and cocktails today and through the weekend," from 7 a.m. to midnight. "Next week the landlords have a major plumbing project that will shut us down for several days; we will then come storming back," Moore explains. "Everyone should keep in mind that this is trial/testing/training period."
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The Honeymoon

300 Main St Houston, TX 77002