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Beck's Prime in Memorial City Mall Is Now Closed

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It might be hard to miss a just-decent burger chain outpost, but there's something nostalgia-inducing about Beck's Prime and its okay burgers and better-than-average shakes. Unfortunately for Memorial City customers in search of better-than-McDonald's burgers: The Beck's in the mall closed as of last Saturday, according to Swamplot. The 10,000-square-foot restaurant opened in 2008 and saw a crowd of regulars who enjoyed watching sports on the many huge plasma screens surrounding the interior.

The history behind this location's launch is pretty interesting, too. Swamplot points out that Beck's Prime, with its 11 other locations still alive and well, was not the first choice for this space: "The local hamburger chain was substituted late in the game for a venture originally planned to feature Roger Clemens," and the "signage, screens, and furniture for Roger Clemens' Rocket Sports Grill had already gone in at the Gessner-facing section of the mall" just before the massive Clemens steroid debacle and last-minute replacement. No word yet on what will open next at this space.
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Beck's Prime

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