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One Star for Xin Jiang BBQ; Authentic Cuisine at Pugon

Pugon de Manila
Pugon de Manila
Photo: Twitter/@agorist

The Press' Kaitlin Steinberg heads to Eater June Heatmap notable Pugon de Manila: She finds that it's authentic Filipino cuisine that can be "a little dry and at times a little chewy, but the food and the atmosphere rolled into one make for a very real dining experience. This is why the place is always full of Filipinos. It reminds them of home."

The Chron's Alison Cook heads to Chinatown's Xin Jiang BBQ: Cook writes that the skewers are the stars of this "new barbecue-skewer specialist at Diho Plaza." She says that the new BYOB places features reasonably priced dishes and advises: "When you leave, snap a smartphone photo of your tabletop as a souvenir. It will remind you later of what a great messy time you had." Overall, the place gets one star.

More reviews: Delicious Mischief's John de Mers heads to recently opened Songkran Thai Kitchen in Uptown Plaza: "After so many years of cooking "modern Asian" in New York and Houston – when he wasn't busy cooking Greek, Italian or French – Chef Jett [Hurapan] sounds proud to be cooking the traditional foods of his homeland." Urban Swanks' Joanna O'Leary heads to Common Bond: She recommends a brunch visit and writes: "Every time I've visited Common Bond, I've noticed that many patrons pick up an assortment of baked goods to go but then linger at the counters or communal tables over their lunch or breakfast offerings. If your pockets are deep enough, for indeed, Common Bond, is not inexpensive, I suggest you follow their lead." The Gastronaut is not so impressed with Little Dipper: "Little Dipper does look cool. But that just ain't enough." And the Press checks out food truck Soul Cat Cuisine: ". The Panko-crusted balls are packed with meat--none of this breadcrumb filler stuff--and seasoned with onions and garlic then topped with a homemade rémoulade."

Pugon de Manila

8017 South Main St. #250, Houston, Texas. 77025