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Pricey Meat on a Stick in a Bloody Mary at Mojeaux's

Photo: Gastronaut

For this Eater Meat-on-a-Stick Power Hour we're resurrecting this Gastronaust post on the most outrageous Bloody Mary garnish. Behold, the $18 Bloody Mary at Mojeaux's (2024 Rusk). Katharine Shilcutt describes it best: "The garnish went way beyond vegetables; a Jimmy Dean-looking sausage biscuit with cheese crowned the giant 20-ounce mug." How was it? "The Jimmy Dean sausage biscuit atop the Bloody Mary was tough and unappetizing." Points for effort, we suppose.
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Kata Robata

3600 Kirby Drive, , TX 77098 (713) 526-8858 Visit Website

Mojeauxs Lousiana Drinkery

Rusk, Houston, TX 77003 (713) 222-6656


2024 Rusk Houston, Texas