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Zelko Bistro Will Likely Move Out of Its Heights Bungalow

Earlier today, The Heights Life posted a picture of a "for lease" sign outside of Heights-area eatery Zelko Bistro, noting that the restaurant won't be at that bungalow for much longer. When Eater contacted an employee at the restaurant, he told us that the sign was "just a prank" and that chef/owner Jamie Zelko had told him that "everything is normal, we're not losing the restaurant." That seems unlikely, however, since Berkshire Hathaway realtor Mike Huff told the Heights Life that "Zelko will be moving out" and that "the space is available immediately if someone is ready to move in." Just this past weekend chef Zelko was on Cleverley Stone's radio show to promote the Heights Honey Bee Project, and she didn't allude to the possibility of a shutter. Today, Zelko Bistro's site is down, but the place is open for lunch and dinner.

While landlord-restaurateur disputes are becoming increasingly common, there are bound to be some upset diners when a beloved neighborhood chef is forced out of a space due to escalating rental rates. Here's hoping that chef Zelko finds a new home for her American comfort food soon.
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[Photo: The Heights Life]

Zelko Bistro

705 E. 11th St Houston, Texas