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Mom Kicked Out of Pizzeria for Public Diaper Change

Eater National picked up on the story that a mother was asked to leave Brother's Pizza Express in Spring for changing her baby's diaper on a table. KHOU reports that patron Miranda Sowers attempted to change her four-month-old daughter's diaper in the restroom, but that the eatery lacked a changing table. Sowers said it would have been too inconvenient to take her three children out to her minivan, so she opted to use a tabletop at the restaurant instead. That's when she was quickly approached by an employee and asked to leave. Sowers, who contends that no other diners saw the diaper change, received her order in to-go containers before leaving the premises.

Diaper-gate has exploded all over the pizza place's Facebook page, where several locals voiced their support for the restaurant's move. One commenter writes: "That's disgusting, dirty and inconsiderate of people who are eating. Businesses should not be required to have changing tables." Another commenter disagrees: "While I agree with your decision, I do believe what really needs to be addressed is the lack of a diaper changing area." How do you feel about the restaurant's move?
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Storefront [Photo: KHOU]

Brother's Pizza Express

163 Cypresswood Dr, Spring, Texas 77388