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The League Brewpub and Brewery Incubator Evicted

The Brewery Incubator and The League Brewpub will shutter after service on Saturday, August 23. The incubator and its storefront bar have been evicted from the space at 907 Franklin Street but will go out in style, hosting an all-inclusive party for $35 or donation of choice. Says the website, "Funds raised will go to help with legal fees from the Incubator's eviction battle." Purchase tickets here, and keep reading for a statement.

From the goodbye note:

It is with great sadness that I announce the untimely and unexpected demise of the Brewery Incubator and its bar, The League Brewpub, along with the Kitchen Incubator. Last Friday a lawyer walked in as I was cooking steaks for our "Steak and a Bottle Share" event. He took some papers out of his briefcase and told me that I had five days to vacate the premises that I have devoted my entire heart and soul to for the last five years. Shocked and pushing back tears, I tried to deliver the steaks with a smile. "I'm sorry," I explained, "but I have customers and I cannot discuss this right now. There's no one else to take care of the customers. It's just me running everything." He look surprised at this, muttered something apologetic and left.
And from the official press release.
On Friday, August 15, Lucrece Borrego, the founder of downtown's Kitchen Incubator and Brewery Incubator, received an eviction notice from her landlord stating that she had five days to vacate the premises. A lawyer walked in right in the middle of the League Brewpub's "Steak and a Bottle Share" and demanded to speak with the "proprietor." The news was shocking but Borrego remained calm. No, the lease was not up for another five years. Yes, rent had been paid and was current. She was confident this could be fixed. How could the landlord simply decide to kick her out? The reasons provided were late rent payments (due to problems with the landlord's electronic payment system) and "misuse of the common areas" over kegs in the hallway during deliveries and the final clincher, a game of naked Twister. "Postings on your social media site state that you condoned these 'games,'" chided the lawyer's letter. Never would a game of strip Twister be so badly regretted.
Founder Lucrece Borrego's next steps are unclear.
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