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Pax Americana Is Now Open on Montrose

Pax Americana [Photos: Ellie Sharp]

If it seems like Pax Americana sprouted up from out of nowhere, it's probably because this new, big-name restaurant was just introduced to the public at the end of June. And with the names associated with it, including local restaurateur Shepard Ross, chefs Adam Dorris and Plinio Sandalio and partners Dan and Mark Zimmerman, there's usually a longer stretch of time between a first-word announcement and an actual debut.

After about a week of private friends-and-family services, Pax Americana officially opened to the public just this past weekend. And with it came a short menu of vegetable, meat and seafood dishes, as well as four dessert options and a small list of shareable plates accompanied by Common Bond breads. Even with menu items that include house-cured meats, cultured butter, and house-prepared cheeses, the dishes only range in price from $10 to $20; some future "feature" plates are expected to come in at $20 to $40.

Bar.jpg The modernized Americana offerings are complemented by the interior: An Andy Warhol original is surrounded by dark woods and leather seats, the vision of Roberto Cervantes (ARCHI-ARTS) and general contractor James Montgomery. Three Dot Pots' Steve Campbell created original pottery that serves as decorative and practical plates, and hand-drawn chalk art by local artist Sara Hinkle rounds out the warm, contemporary space. The design focal point of the interior is Yarn Irons' steel wall art shaped as the United States, a piece that will show diners from where their ingredients and wine have been sourced.

As for the drinks, general manager Chris Fleischman (Lillo & Ella) and Sandalio are leading the beverage program that includes American spirits and creative twists on classic cocktails, like an Old Fashioned with marinated peaches at its base, and the Beatnik, made with crushed ice, lemon juice, gin and beets.

While those are the introductory items, don't get too comfortable with the place's roll-out food or drinks menus. "We want to challenge ourselves to create new food all the time and also to challenge the diner to really experience something new and look forward to new things," Dorris said. "We want there to be something exciting every time that you come in."

Pax Americana is open Tuesday through Saturday 5 to 11 p.m. and Sunday 5 to 9 p.m.

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