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Former Haven Chef Randy Evans Now Consulting

Haven, which houses Cove
Haven, which houses Cove
Photo: Star Chefs

Chef Randy Evans has been keeping busy since the sudden sale and closing of Haven, back in July. Evans reports that consulting gigs are keeping him busy, primarily as the consulting chef for Ocean Grille & Beach Bar, which hopes to be open by November 1 in Galveston. The project by Randall Petit and managing partner Bryan Davis will have a "Reef meets Goode Co. Seafood" feel, according to Evans. "It will be more casual with a Galveston vibe," said Evans who emphasized that the menu will reflect the gulf seafood offerings missing from many Galveston restaurants. "It's incredible to me how much imported seafood goes into menus in the area, in spite of 25% of all Gulf seafood coming through Katy Seafood on the wharf on the island," said Evans. "There will be no tilapia."

Evans has also been busy consulting with Texas Angus producer 44 Farms and also with James Coney Island on the new JCI Grill concept, including the roll out of a new line of chef-driven dogs, burgers and other menu items (no worries— the original Coney "won't be touched", says Evans about one of his all-time favorite dishes). Negotiations are also in the works for a restaurant within a specific location for a "large grocery chain" that would have modified counter service. Think "Texas Meets Café Express", according to Evans, including meat smoked onsite. The chef referred to Wegmans grocery stores on the East Coast where restaurants within the stores do very well.

As far as movement on a restaurant of his own, Evans says he's put that on hold for at least six months. "I'm busy doing a lot of work I enjoy and enjoying more time with my family," says Evans.

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