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Changes in the Works at Donald Chang's Nara

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The chef will bring an increased focus on sushi, along with a name change and renovations.

Julie Soefer

Chef/owner Donald Chang wants to bring more of his Uptown Sushi vibe to his outpost in West Ave. Nara has changed its name to Nara Sushi & Korean Kitchen along with renovations underway to alter the restaurant's entrance and bar to the Kipling side, with the patio looking towards the upscale residential development currently in the works.

Though his traditional and modern takes on Korean dishes will remain, there is clearly a renewed focus to promote the sushi he's known for and especially for the atmosphere at Nara to feel more like the mood at Uptown Sushi. "I definitely want for the bar area to have a fun and festive vibe." says Chang. Of the name change, Chang said, "Of course we want for people to experience our Korean cuisine but also want to remind them of the caliber of sushi they've come to know us for at our sister restaurant, Uptown Sushi."

The private dining room is moving to the area currently serving as the bar. Ultimately the private dining room will seat up to 60 for private events. Renovations will be complete by early November.
—Jodie Eisenhardt