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The Details on Ninfa's New Coffee Program

There's an expanded coffee program at the Tex-Mex restaurant.


Original Ninfa's on Navigation has expanded its coffee program, offering everything from brewed American to cortados and macchiatos— not what you'd expect at a Tex-Mex joint, but perhaps a perfect fit with the cultish brunch following at the Eado mainstay. Ninfa’s has decided to utilize Pearland Coffee Roasters exclusively for the new coffee program, following the likes of Common Bond, who uses the suburban roaster for their iced coffee.

All coffees are served with a house-made Mexican praline and there’s also an updated dessert menu with items like the banana empanada and toasted corn pound cake to with the new coffee options.
—Jodie Eisenhardt

Ninfas's on Navigation

2704 Navigation Boulevard, Houston, TX 77003