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Rejoice: Food Trucks Greenlighted in Downtown Houston

The executive order from the mayor goes into effect today.

Nom Mi Street.
Nom Mi Street.

The battle between feeding the masses in Downtown and bureaucratic red tape has ceased. Once prevented from serving crowds in Houston's Central Business District due to safety concerns, opposition from Greater Houston Restaurant Association, and being a source for drug dealings— yes, seriously, drug dealings— propane-fueled food trucks are being given the green light. 

Mayor Anise Parker signed an executive order in August that went into effect today, easing Houston Fire Department regulations. The new city regulations allow for propane tanks of up to 60 pounds, and trucks must use a barrier to maintain a three feet minimum separation between the public and the propane cylinders. These regulations also extend to The Medical Center.

In a statement to ABC 13 KTRK, Mayor Parker says, "we want to remove barriers to doing business in Houston...The ban on propane, which many of us have at home for our backyard grills, was outdated and prevented food trucks from having access to two key areas of Houston. This change will open up the market and allow for competition."

Mayor Parker made the announcement today, followed by a celebration in front of the Main Library Plaza. Houston gourmet food trucks Eatsie Boys, The Modular, and Oh My Pocket Pies served lunch from their propane-fueled kitchens on wheels.
—Jakeisha Wilmore