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Boulevard Coffee Has Brewed Its Last Cup

The coffee shop in The Heights closed over the weekend.

The Heights before opening.
The Heights before opening.

After remodeling Waldo's Coffee House to Boulevard Coffee, owner Ron Lopes, is throwing in the towel after seven months.

The day before closing for good on Sunday, Boulevard Coffee took to Facebook with a statement thanking customers and informing fans:

"We are keeping our options open, which includes working on finding a new location on Heights Blvd."

The quaint coffee house along Heights Boulevard had quickly become a favorite hangout amongst Heights residents after its March opening. Customers adored the baked goods, the coffee was well received, and both people and pets alike loved the spacious and shady patio. So what happened? Rumors swirled that the root of the closure was a landlord dispute, similar to Zelko Bistro
—Jakeisha Wilmore