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'Sexy Restraint in Calm, Cool Atmosphere' at Moving Sidewalk and More Recent Reviews

Find out what people are saying about Downtown's new bar, "Americanized" pho, and more.

Pho & Crab.
Pho & Crab.

Houston Press takes a look at new bar Moving Sidewalk:

There is no food here, so factor that into your plans. I miss Goro & Gun,but the bar that has replaced it is such a different, clear concept that it makes it easier to move on from the past and ride that moving sidewalk into the future.

CultureMap profiles the Downtown spot as well.

Memorial West's Pho & Crab Vietnamese aims to please a new demographic:

It's only recently that Vietnamese food has become thoroughly Americanized-that it's become the adopted cuisine of cheerful non-Viet folks across Houston, who dig into bowls of pho as eagerly as they do barbecued briskets and plates of enchiladas. And as these non-Vietnamese patrons adopt a more Eastern palate, so too have some of our restaurants adopted a more Western aesthetic. Fittingly, Pho & Crab is owned by Ba Ky, purveyor of many of Houston's more Americanized Viet joints over the years such as Pho Tau Bay and Vietopia.

Says Houstonia, "You can't say Pho & Crab isn't playing to its Memorial audience."

In the Museum District, new restaurant Museum Park Cafe is now serving.

Despite the small issues noted, put Museum Park Café on your must-dine list. They're only going to keep getting better and where they are at now already trumps many fine dining establishments that have had years to hone their craft.