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Another Restaurant From Coltivare Duo Appears to Be On the Horizon

Signs that a new concept from Ryan Pera and Morgan Weber is indeed on the way.

Remember the rumors of a new restaurant or bar on the horizon for Revival Market/Coltivare pair, Ryan Pera and Morgan Weber? It appears the rumors are true. The duo indeed have something up their sleeves for the abandoned Citgo gas station at 1039 Yale. Over the weekend, a Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) notice for a private club registration permit was posted on the premises, but it appears it's been up since last month (December 12 is the listed date), purposely hiding behind the concert posters covering the windows. The name of the applicant shown, LBW 1039 Yale NP. Weber set up a limited liability company under the name LBW 1039 Yale NP last month.

Revival Market and Cotivare's publicist didn't confirm the findings, but with a TABC notice in place, rumors of a third project from Pera and Weber are true. Further proof of something going on with the space, a portion of the Free Press Houston Summer Fest 2014 poster were removed, revealing the inside of the abandoned station. With the remodeling of Revival Market and addition of dinner service, the duo seem to have their sights on extending their 2014 success into the new year.