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Lower Oil Prices Possible Effects on Houston's Dining

Will the drop in oil cause a ripple effect for better or worse?

La Colombe d'Or Hotel and Restaurant/Facebook

CultureMap's Marene Gustin asks the question everyone has been wondering, "will the drop in the price of oil hurt — or help — Houston restaurants"? Steve Zimmerman (Montrose boutique hotel La Colombe d’Or and restaurant Cinq owner), restauranteur Shepard Ross (The Glass Wall, Pax Americana and forthcoming The Del) and Lynette Hawkins (Giacomo’s cibo e vino) weigh in. Zimmerman and Ross worry if prices continue to drop, the effects could trickle down leading to less business men and women wining and dining clients and choosing the cheaper menu options. The possible upside?  Ross thinks it's likely the cost of land and leases will drop, which could cause a rise in new businesses. On a positive note, Gustin reports Zimmerman is reviving his Oil Barrel Special, made popular during Houston's last oil bust in the 80's. "If the oil prices drop into the $40 range per barrel," Zimmerman will offer a three-course dinner for the price of oil beginning January 14.