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Get to Know Omar Pereney, Chef of Forthcoming Peska Seafood Culture

The accomplished 20 year-old chef provides a preview of what's to come.

Mexican import Peska Seafood Culture is months away from opening, but executive chef Omar Pereney is giving a sneak peek of what to expect. The 20 year-old culinary prodigy was recently featured on Great Day Houston where he prepared a salad of greens, fruit and spiced pecans. Working in restaurant since the age of 12 and starring in his own cooking show, Pereney's work ethic provides some insight to what he'll bring to the BLVD Place seafood market and upscale restaurant in March. In the meantime, watch the Venezuelan native charm his way into your hearts (he's looking for a girlfriend, ladies) and check him out during Recipe for Success Foundation's Chef Surprise dining series next week.