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Julia's Bistro May Be Closed; Breakfast Klub Owner Will Open New Concept in its Place

What's going on at at 3722 Main?

What's going on at Julia's Bistro?
What's going on at Julia's Bistro?
Jakeisha Wilmore

Julia's Bistro may have closed, according to Swamplot. The real estate blog received an inquiry from a tipster asking if the restaurant had closed and it appears it has. We've noticed during peak lunch hours that the Midtown restaurant appeared to be closed since December. Swamplot notes the restaurant will be redeveloped into a new concept by owner Marcus Davis. Davis, who owns The Breakfast Klub across the street, purchased the 3722 Main property in 2013 along with next door Mink (now known as The Alley Kat).  

What kind of concept Davis will open is known. The Midtown restaurateur has remained tight-lipped on anything related to future expansion plans, including confirming restaurant closures. Months before launching his pop-up kitchen Meaux Betta Blues across from University of Houston at  the University Gate Center (3511 Elgin), inquires to Davis regarding the leasing of the University of Houston area space went unanswered. According to a source close to The Breakfast Klub owner, the kitchen is testing out items not currently offered at the Midtown location, hinting that the restaurateur is planning to open a new eatery. Whether Davis has one or two restaurants in the works is unclear, but here's to hoping that unlike the chicken food truck he promised to open two years ago on The Cleverley Show, The Breakfast Klub owner will bring more delicious options that don't require standing in a line.

Julia's Bistro

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