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First Look at 8th Wonder Brewery's Tap Room

Dome love in EaDo.

Rendering of 8th Wonder Brewery's Tap Room.
Rendering of 8th Wonder Brewery's Tap Room.
8th Wonder Brewery/Facebook

Houstonia visited the newly opened tap room at 8th Wonder Brewery last night, where a "keg of bourbon barrel-aged Alternate Universe" was tapped and the Dome Faux'm was flowing. Make plans to go this weekend when doors at 5 p.m. tonight and noon on Saturday and Sunday. Purchase a an 8 ounce cup of for $4 or take Houstonia's advise and go for the "snazzy pint glass ($15) which also gets you three pints of beer."

8th Wonder Brewery

2202 Dallas Street, , TX 77003 (713) 581-2337 Visit Website