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Hotel ZaZa Unveils the Rothko Cocktail

Honorary cocktail pairs with major artist exhibit at MFAH.

Rothko Cocktail at Monarch Bar
Rothko Cocktail at Monarch Bar
Monarch Bar

There is Mark Rothko-mania in the Museum District. On September 20, the Museum of Fine Arts presented a Rothko retrospective that runs through January and has the city all abuzz. Houston has always held the artist in a high regard, considering it is the home of the Rothko Chapel and the vast number of paintings kept in both the MFAH and the Menil Collection.

To commemorate the artist and help museum goers celebrate his honor, the Monarch Bar at the neighboring Hotel ZaZa have mixed up a Rothko-inspired cocktail, the Untitled 5701, a mix of Gosling's Dark Rum, Goya Ginger Beer and lime. The drink is poured and intentionally served with the ingredients layered, reflecting the Rothko-style.

Enjoy on the Terrace overlooking the Museum District and reflect on that.

Monarch at Hotel Zaza

5701 N Main St, Houston, TX 77009 (713) 527-1800 Visit Website

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