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A Look Inside State of Grace

Upscale vintage is the theme for Ford Fry's hometown grand opening.

State of Grace has opened to all of the fanfare and reception that was expected for one of Houston's most anticipated restaurant openings this year. While James Beard-nominated Ford Fry has built his reputation from the successful ventures in Atlanta such as Superica, El Felix, and the Optimist, make no mistake about it: Fry grew up in Houston and this restaurant is an important homecoming for him.

The evidence of his passion for this venture is accentuated throughout the details of the interior and will be slightly more upscale and have a "vintage feel," Fry says. Even the name State of Grace was inspired by an image of a deer standing in a field with morning dew and tree branches. "Our in-house designer Elizabeth Ingram pulled the deer image from a French interior design magazine as an inspiration shot, and as I thought through name ideas, I kept thinking about it," Fry says. "That image reminded me of growing up in Texas, even going out hunting when it's early and the dew is still out. I have fond memories of being out on a family member's or friend's ranch, and enjoying the serenity and beauty of it."

State of Grace is open now, but feast your eyes on our gallery to have a sneak peek while you wait for your reservation.

State of Grace

3258 Westheimer Road, , TX 77098 (832) 942-5080 Visit Website