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Anvil Drops 'Christopher Columbus Was an Asshole' Menu

Anvil delivers a new way to celebrate with cocktails on Columbus Day,

Anvil Bar & Refuge
Anvil Bar & Refuge

MONTROSE — On Monday October 12 Houstonians can celebrate the good, the bad, and particularly the ugly legacy of Christopher Columbus. On this year's national holiday Anvil is unleashing a new cocktail menu dedicated to the darker side of Columbus and his mark in our history - slavery, greed and power. To this end, they give us the "Christopher Columbus Was an Asshole" cocktail menu. As Anvil owner Bobby Heugel says, "I don't know if a controversial Columbus Day menu is a good idea or not, but there are strong connections with Columbus and alcohol. Why not explore history through a few drinks?"

Expect half-priced rums from the islands that Columbus visited including Spain's Canary Islands to the Dominican Republic, and of course those classic Caribbean cocktails that Anvil's known for. 

"This menu is an experiment which questions what we can accomplish through bar service. Can spirits be a catalyst for education? Should they be? We'll find out," says Heugel.

Check out the details here.[Anvil Facebook]

Anvil Bar & Refuge

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