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Fig & Wasp Opens For Dinner On Washington

Old Beirut space relaunches as Fig & Wasp and kicks off philanthropy Wednesdays.

Fig & Wasp Facebook
Fig & Wasp Facebook
Fig & Wasp Facebook

As previously reported, the team behind Beirut has been abuzz for several months giving the space a face-lift and full-blown re-branding. Fig & Wasp has finally opened a double-concept: Fig brings the dinner service complete with Mediterranean salads, ceviches and small plates, designed with a sharing communal vibe in mind, while Wasp complements the other side of the house as a cocktail lounge.

Wasting no time, Fig & Wasp has launched a new charitable dining event starting tonight.  Philanthropy Wednesdays will work with a new charitable cause each week and proceeds from Fig & Wasp that day will be donated. In honor of Veterans Day, the inaugural event will benefit Student Veterans of America. More details about this event here.

fig & wasp

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